Success Stories


Tipus Chai Tea

Tipu’s ® Chai was originally served in a popular Indian restaurant founded by Bipin Patel in Missoula, Montana, in 1997. Bipin’s authentic Indian chai was in high demand and quickly became a favorite menu item. Before long, he started selling it to other restaurants, local businesses and coffee shops. Then, in 2007, Bipin sold the restaurant to focus his efforts on sharing his grandmother’s special recipe with the world.LCCDC MMFEC

Today, Tipu’s ® Chai stands apart as a fresh, bold alternative to coffee, tea, and American chai. They blend their own mix of organic spices and high quality Indian tea to create a comforting balance of spiciness and depth. Tipu’s uses only the highest quality natural ingredients—never any chemical additives or artificial flavorings. Our facility is certified for both Kosher and Organic production. Tipus utilized the Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center to develop their liquid Tipu’s ® Chai and continues to process the liquid Chai in the facility.









Uncle Bill's Sausage

Uncle Bill Stoianoff, the iconic sausage-maker that calls Missoula Montana home, says: "It's all about quality" for his sausages. He uses only the freshest ingredients - no preservatives, fillers, or funky additives. Most Americans, he says, only know of two or three kinds of sausage. Uncle Bill offers 44 different sausage choices. Uncle Bill offers a range of affordable gourmet sausages. He also makes  a sauerkraut that is delicious with his sausages. 




Western Montana Specialty Foods - Bitterroot Zucchini Relish

Each year as Mary's two boys were growing up, she would take time from her busy working-mom schedule to make a batch of her sweet zucchini relish. After gathering the right vegetables Mary would cut and chunk them up, prepare a brine, then mix up about six jars. The relish became a coveted pantry item which was enjoyed by family and friends on hamburgers, hot dogs, in potato salad and in deviled eggs. But once the six jars of sweet relish were gone, that was it for the year.  After almost 30 years of prodding, Mary decided it was time to make Bitteroot Zuccini Relish and a dill version. It can be found in more than a dozen Montana stores and several in Washington, California, Nevada and Nebraska. It can be found in Glacier National Park, as well.


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