Farm to Institution Partners


The Western Montana Growers Cooperative (WMGC) provides critical services to meet the procurement needs of our k-12 partners. WMGC is a coalition of growers in the Flathead, Jocko, Mission and Bitterroot Valleys whose goal is to provide the market in our region with fresh, quality products from our farms. To reach that goal, the Cooperative provides a wholesale marketing and delivery service for its members. The WMGC strives to improve the local food system of our area by enhancing the sustainability of local farms and contributing to local economic growth, while reducing the demand of produce being shipped here from long distances. 


FoodCorps is a nationwide team of leaders that connects kids to real food and helps them grow up healthy. FoodCorps Montana is hosted in the state of Montana by the National Center for Appropriate Technology. FoodCorps is a national nonprofit modeled after Montana's team of Montana Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers instituted in 2006 to grow farm to cafeteria programs. FoodCorps had its first class of service members in 2011 and FoodCorps Montana joined FoodCorps national in 2012. FoodCorps currently has 10 service members in Montana and a total of 125 service members in 15 states.



The Farm to Cafeteria Network, developed by the National Center for Appropriate Technology, is a group of Montana food producers, processors, food service professionals, and community members who collaborate to share best practices and resources about Farm to Cafeteria Programs across the state.

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