Commerical Kitchen and Commissary Rental


The staff of Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center are committed to providing a commercial kitchen and commissary facility to retail food businesses, caterers, and mobile food units in the area. The facility is shared use and priority is given to those who schedule in advance. The Commercial Kitchen and Commissary is a licensed facility, separate from the processing facility, that is available for rent to be used in the preparation of food for retail sales only. Cost of using the kitchen is $10 per hour. Contact Yvette Rodriguez for more information or call MMFEC at 406-676-0676.


Equipment available:

-2 stoves with ovens

-1 Refrigerator/Freezer combo

-Triple Sink for dish washing


-2 stainless steel tables for food preparation


*There are no dishes or utensils available at this facility. Client must bring all of their own. Long term freezer space is available for rental, if available, by pallet. 


Commercial Kitchen  Commercial Stove

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