Business Development Center

Cultivating Business and Capitalizing Growth


The Business Development Center's mission is to assist business owners and entrepreneurs in developing pathways to success by cultivating business and capitalizing growth. We achieve this mission by spurring new business and expanding existing business through:

  • Business Consulting and Training
  • Business Financing
  • Commercial Development
  • Mission Mountain Business Incubator
  • Bank Partnering


Through our Business Development Center, LCCDC collaborates with its local and regional partners to provide businesses with technical assistance, education and financial support related to planning, management, marketing, government contracting, accounting, food processing and work-force training. The staff seeks to improve the economy of Lake County and the region by assessing the needs of the business community through:

  • Surveys
  • Business Expansion And Recruitment (BEAR) program
  • Community Listening Sessions
  • Meetings with lending institutions and other private entities servicing business needs in the community
  • Attendance and participation in meetings of various business associations and groups, including, but not limited to, Chambers of Commerce, Downtown Associations, Industry sector groups, etc.

In response to the expressed needs, the Center's staff provides assistance to communities and businesses in the following areas. Just follow the links to more detailed descriptions of the services provided:


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